Feb 8, 2010

Unday # 5 - The Search For Australia's Most Mentally Sexy Dad

It’s nice to feel appreciated. It really is. We’ve been together for 14 years now and it’d be easy for Ian to think he’s got me in the bag. When he does things, spontaneously, like tiding up or making me breakfast and dinner, it makes me feel wanted and cared for. And a man who can make a women feel like that? Well, there’s nothing sexier.
- Virginia, Mother of three

Welcome to Unday #5! Things are progressing at a serious pace with four new, official, competition-grade
Reservoir Dad Most Mentally Sexy items of clothing ready to be worn by all the Dads out there who are dreaming of being crowned Australia’s Most Mentally Sexy Dad and getting the chance to represent their country at the highest level.

Remember, the rules for the Australian leg of the competition are very simple. Send a
Mentally Sexy Spiel to reservoirdad@gmail.com detailing your Mentally Sexy attributes and activities, and how these impact on your wife and your relationship. Include your postal address with your entry and you will receive an item of clothing of your choice – underwear, boxer-shorts, singlet or t-shirt – so that you can look the part in your Mentally Sexy Photo. Send the item of clothing back in the reply paid envelope, email your photo in, and we’re away.

In further developments –

GRASHAN – The Screen Printing Experts, have donated five Mentally Sexy 2010 Finalist T-Shirts to Reservoir Dad, so that our top five Dads at year’s end can brag about their accomplishment, and let everyone know how great they are, without even opening their mouths. More details about GRASHAN to come.

2. This week, Reservoir Dad will be posting almost
every day, to set up some reference pages for future posts, and allow visitors to the site easy access to all the ins and outs of the Mentally Sexy Competition. Here’s a gig guide –
  • Tuesday – the Most Mentally Sexy Rule Page. (see Dad-Blogs if you're impatient)
  • Wednesday – You can go here to see the Pictorial Guide to the official, competition grade, Most Mentally Sexy Clothing. I will also be putting up the Mentally Sexy photos of the five contestants.
  • Thursday – The Preston Leader article featuring Reservoir Dad with photo.
  • Friday – The regular Friday ramble.
3. Don’t forget to duck over to Dad-Blogs to read my article – and to keep an eye on the American Mentally Sexy contestants.

4. We have received a few emails from women offering some quotes to include with each Unday. They’ve been great but we want more. Keep them coming. It gives us Mentally Sexy hopefuls an insight into how our efforts affect our better halves.

5. Remember, this is a global competition. Battle hard, for although contentment and happiness will come to all who follow the
Mentally Sexy Path, glory, Dads, is only for the winner.

Now to this week’s entrant.


Today’s entrant is Marty, father of Patrick, 3 and Isabelle, 2.

“My wife takes care of most of the child related responsibilities. I own two gyms, run a powerlifting club five days of the week, see clients for general fitness and strength building and outsource to professional clubs as a strength coach. My days are varied and motivating and I try to be conscious of the fact that staying at home to look after the kids is a tough gig – it can be isolating at times and it’s also difficult to focus on personal goals. For this reason I do my best to give my wife some child free time, so she can get her fitness and training goals met every week.

Sometimes it means I take the kids to work with me and as you can see in my picture, it can create some dramas. They’re always very keen to help out. I’ll set up a picnic blanket, with drinks and games and hang with them. It’s fun.

This is how I exercise my Mentally Sexy attitude and it works on many levels for both of us. My wife gets to maintain her fitness for her sporting goals, she feels great after exercise so she is much happier and she can really put the child-raising and household issues aside for that period of time.

For me? I get a much happier wife, who is happy with herself and her body and more relaxed, which means I’m happier. The kids are happier too. The bedroom benefits? I might just keep those details to myself. But hey, we’re both very fit…"


Clark Kent's Lunchbox said...

It's cool just reading how other dads do things with their families and kids. This is a good deal you've got running.

Christine said...

That is a big Daddy!