Jan 10, 2010

Unday # 1 - The Search For Australia's Most Mentally Sexy Dad

Just as the applications start to roll in and the search for Australia's Most Mentally Sexy Dad begins in earnest, we hear news from afar that a great challenge looms - American website Dad-Blogs - via co-founder Joe Schatz of "Daddy Where's Your Vagina" fame - has accepted the challenge to run their own competition to crown America's Most Mentally Sexy Dad.

This is now a global fight, Dads. The five most mentally sexy Dad's from each country - as chosen by female judges yet to be named - will battle it out to claim the title of World's Most Mentally Sexy Dad.

The stakes don't get any higher. If you are an Aussie Dad and think you have what it takes to fight for the Australian and World titles email Reservoir Dad - reservoirdad@gmail.com - to enter this heated contest.
Please provide a short paragraph detailing your Mentally Sexy activities and how these have impacted on your relationship with your wife. For examples of what we're after go here and check out, Simon, our first contestant below.

You now have an opportunity to represent your country and become an international super-star. Don't miss out.

On this historical day the people of Reservoir Dad are pleased to present the first contestant in the search for Australia's Most Mentally Sexy Dad.

Simon is a father of two young girls and offered us this -

"I've worked hard on my mental sexiness recently. I decided to take note of what bothered my wife on a day to day basis. I found that listening to her before sleep gave me the best indication of what household issues were playing on her mind and then I went about trying to remove those issues if I could. I started slowly by picking up one or two chores and I have to say I noticed a change in her within a few days. I'm a man - I'm ready for intimacy every minute of the day but I'm really starting to appreciate how different women are. They need a clear mind for the mood to hit and that's what I tell myself I'm doing as I unclutter the lounge room or hang out the washing - I'm clearing my wife's head. So when we go to bed at night we're both in the right frame of mind and we're not talking about household chores..."


Anonymous said...

Nice work Simon. Very mentally sexy!

Diana said...

Freakin' hilarious. Global Mentally Sexy Competition - only you could come up with that Clint. BTW, nice legs Simon!!

Anonymous said...

Is there an age limit to this? My husband is in his seventies but I think he'd like those pants.

Reservoir Dad said...

Anonymous 2 - There is no age limit so send in his Mentally Sexy blurb and we'll see what happens. I'm sure he'll look great in my underwear. Thanks for your interest.

Ray said...

Why does this crazy idea make so much sense?

Give me some time to come up with something that makes me sound mentally sexy. Maybe I'll get my wife to help me.

P.S. You should get some underwear company to sponsor the competition.

Reservoir Dad said...

Good idea Ray. Maybe Bonds underwear could donate a hundred pairs of jocks and we could do a mass mail out.