Jan 25, 2010

Unday # 3 - The Search For Australia's Most Mentally Sexy Dad

George developed an understanding several years into our marriage that he was more likely to get me in the mood if he helped with the housework and did his bit with the kids. I’ve always found it hard to get intimate with him if there was a sink full of dishes or a laundry full of dirty clothes waiting.
Christine, mother of three

Keep your pants on folks, the new pairs of official competition grade Mentally Sexy Underwear will be ready this week and so we’ll have some pairs to mail out to Mentally Sexy wannabes who are too far away from Mentally Sexy Central to do a hand-over.

Also, I’d like to appeal to the partners of the Mentally Sexy entrants. We’d like to include a quote each Unday to give us Mentally Sexy hopefuls an insight into how our efforts affect our better halves. So, women, if you’ve got something to say (see Christine’s quote above for a guide) either leave it as a comment or email it to Reservoir Dad.

Dads, the Mentally Sexy bandwagon is rolling on and who knows where it will take us. American site Dad-Blogs is on board having created a Mentally Sexy link on their website, with the promise of more to come this week, and as the competition intensifies I urge all Aussie Dads to get original with submissions. Take risks, push boundaries and make your Mentally Sexy spiels and photos as eye-catching and creative as possible. The Americans have vowed a mighty fight and we need some seriously motivated, wife-focussed Mentally Sexy Aussie Dads to go toe-to-toe with them.

This is your chance to represent your country at the highest level. Don’t leave it too late. Get your submissions in by emailing resevoirdad@gmail.com


Today’s entrant is Deano, father of Allanah, 4 and Emily, 2.

"Women hate filthy toilets. Seriously hate them. My wife is no exception. I clean ours every day. Every single day because I know that even if we are emotionally connected and spiritually centred and right on track for a physical connection one short trip to a filthy toilet can shift her mood dramatically. I never want the mood to shift. I love my wife and I want her to be thinking about me, not the toilet."


Christine said...

Hey! Glad you liked my comment! Trent is a spunk. Love a man with a toilet brush. lol.

Surfer Jay said...

And he's got wings!

Anonymous said...


You made my day! It was going to be a slow day at the grind stone, but then I checked through my back log of RSS feeds and found I'd missed a heap of gold (ney Platinum...it's worth more!). I laughed, I cried, I giggled, I empathised with your daily struggles to raise children and live life.

Thank you!

Geoff (not my real name....ok, it is) "I-can't-quite-work-out-this-mentally-sexy-entry-thing-yet"

Anonymous said...

Any guy willing to clean a toilet has my vote. Trent you are a leader amongst men.

Fat Mumma said...

Oh my god... a man that cleans a toilet EVERY day! Forget Twilight... that would be my dream come true...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hey deano, don't like to sound cynical, but if you're still cleaning the toilet every single day in 10 years time, I'll eat my hat! And its not that tasty!

Anonymous said...

I started cleaning the toilet after 25 years of marriage. For the very same reason Deano's doing it!

Go Deano.

surprised mom said...

Reservoir Dad,

I've been on a blogging/Internet break, so I've been catching up on your blog. I'm loving this "Most Mentally Sexy Dad" contest. I think Trent has my vote so far. A man willing to clean the toliet every day! Yes! I hope you get many, many entries. I'm sure it will be very interesting. Oh, and the underwear? I guess it says it all.