Feb 1, 2010

Unday # 4 - The Search For Australia's Most Mentally Sexy Dad

I pull on a tight tank-top and don the Most Mentally Sexy Underwear, pick up the vacuum and start fake-vacuuming the carpet, as Archie hangs over my shoulder looking at the man who is kneeling behind me a short distance away, snapping photographs for a newspaper that will go to everyone in my neighborhood – and some distance beyond – and my heart slows as I experience a flashback to a time when I was sitting in my classroom, Grade 2, cross-legged, answering my teacher’s question, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ with ‘I want to be a fire engine’ and I can’t help but think that maybe if I’d been more specific – more correct – in my answer, and not chosen to be a large red vehicle, which is clearly impossible (even if I really, really believe), that I may not be here, as I am, wondering how the hell I got myself into this.

But I am here – into this and, to be
totally honest, I’m into this in a big way and (without telling too many people) loving it more than a rabbit loves digging holes because I’ve always had a way of ending up on the strange side of life and now, three years into my role as a stay-at-home-dad, I can finally say that the weird life is the life for me.

So if you get yourself a copy of the
Preston Leader Newspaper this week and you see the bald guy poking his arse in your general direction with the words Most Mentally Sexy blazoned across his tight black underwear I don’t want you to feel sorry for him, or embarrassed, because you’re looking at a content man, a man who has found his niche, his calling, his joy.

Some developments before we get onto our fourth contestant in the search for
Australia’s Most Mentally Sexy Dad

Dad-Blogs is all linked up and ready for action. The search for America’s Most Mentally Sexy Dad is on and that means that the international contest to find the World’s Most Mentally Sexy Dad has also officially begun. Have a look at Joe Schatz’s sample entry to see what us Aussies are up against and then get motivated and send your Mentally Sexy Spiel here - reservoirdad@gmail.com - so you can get your hands on the Mentally Sexy clothing and get an entry in.

2. Dad-Blogs and Reservoir Dad have penned the official
Most Mentally Sexy Competition Rules which you can also see at Dad-Blogs.

3. Due to several emails from sensitive types who desperately want to enter the competition but claim there is no way they will ever be seen at Reservoir Dad in a pair of underwear I now have, in my possession, a pair of official, competition grade, Most Mentally Sexy Boxer Shorts and Tank Top. You can now choose what you wear although, I will point out, the judges will look more favorably on those wearing the underwear so if you’re not wearing them, your entries had better be super-creative.

4. I am now a columnist at
Dad Blogs, so head over there to check out my articles and articles from the other great columnists there.

5. I have just about wrapped up three female judges for the Australian leg of the competition and am not too far away from announcing the prizes that will be available for the top five Most Mentally Sexy Aussie Dads when the National leg of the competition ends in October. Stay tuned.

Now to this week's entrant.


Our fourth contestant is Shaun, father of daughter Ollie, 4 months.

‘I think I am the Most Mentally Sexy because I work hard and long but help out as much as I can with little Ollie when I get home. I’m a hands-on Dad and wouldn't even think of leaving all the child raising responsibilities to my wife. I insist on doing the nappies and getting her to sleep. I love it and miss being with her all day. On weekends, when I’m not working, I make sure I’ve got a handle on her at all times. I even make a point of carrying her around at parties as you can see in my photo. My wife definitely appreciates my efforts and tells me it's very attractive that I am so in love and involved with my daughter. RESERVOIR DAD RULES!’

hehe. Thanks Shaun. – RD.


Christine said...

Yum. I like a rugged man with a sensitive side.

surprised mom said...

You can only applaud a hand-on, involved dad.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, looks like the baby has gone missing. That bassinet looks awfully light (and empty)...