Feb 11, 2010

The Preston Leader and The Red Symons Breakfast Show

A crazy week at Reservoir Dad.

First The Preston Leader Article appeared featuring Reservoir Dad in Most Mentally Sexy underwear on the FRONT PAGE.

Then I received a call from the Red Symons Breakfast Radio show on 774, and before I know it, I'm on air, waffling about The Most Mentally Sexy Competition and topping it all off by asking Red Symons when we can expect to see his Mentally Sexy entry. He responded by coughing a couple of times and ending the interview.

Since all this media attention the Reservoir Dad blog has received a steep increase in traffic, some more Mentally Sexy Entries and a hell-of-a-lot of inquiries. I will address a few common questions here -

1. You can follow this link to find Preston Leader e-paper with the picture of me and Archie on the front page. The article is on page 5. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the neighbors react to this... not to mention the kids swimming instructors and teachers.

2. It is okay for wives and partners to nominate their husbands as the Most Mentally Sexy Dad and enter on their behalf.

3. We do have prizes. Just yesterday we had a brand new IPod Shuffle donated as a prize to give to Australia's Most Mentally Sexy Dad. We also have Australia's Most Mentally Sexy Dad Finalist 2010 T-Shirts for the top 5, donated by GRASHAN - The Screen Printing Experts. And we are working on others.

4. We do not have a prize organised for The World's Most Mentally Sexy Dad just yet, but we are working on that with Dad-Blogs and will announce it as soon as we have it.

5. Some more Mentally Sexy Clothing is being printed as we speak, and I will have a variety of sizes to fit all Mentally Sexy Entrants.

6. We're getting some great entries and all will be revealed over the coming weeks. The Americans are starting to shake in their boots, as you can see in this article. I urge you to keep the pressure on them, Aussie Dads. Be creative, be daring and lift your Mentally Sexy Skills to a new level.

This is the brave new world. Get on board or get left behind.


Christine said...

Wow. I'm disappointed I missed you on the radio. This is really taking off. You are building a great stable of hunks! lol

surprised mom said...

I read the article and was impressed. I'm sorry I couldn't hear you on the radio. Wow! This contest is really taking off! You must have struck the imagination of many Mentally Sexy Dads!

Anonymous said...

ABC Life Matters Website has a download.