Feb 15, 2010

Mentally Sexy Monday - Garry

The Americans are finally getting their act together – Dad-Blogs has received some very good submissions and the global battle to be crowned the World’s Most Mentally Sexy Dad is going full steam ahead.

Reservoir Dad has also received several more submissions for The Search For Australia's Most Mentally Sexy Dad and if they continue to roll in at this rate, we may have to start putting up more than one entry per week. I promise you this though – no legitimate entry will miss out on having a shot at the title. Even if we receive 100 submissions I will find a way to feature them all.

Since the recent publicity for the competition, I’ve been asked several times what the official definition of
Mentally Sexy is. To me, the Mentally Sexy Man is one who takes responsibility in maintaining the passion in his relationship.

One of the greatest aphrodisiacs for women is being desired? Yep, I think I read that somewhere… and so it would follow that a man, in a committed relationship, who is pitching in with the housework and child-rearing, to allow more time for intimacy, is displaying to his wife, in a very practical, visual way, that he still desires her very much. I call that a win win for both husband and wife.

Let’s not shy away from the importance of a good sex life in a happy marriage. I am no Maureen Matthews (sex columnist,
Sunday Age) but I’m pretty certain that sex, in itself, is a very good thing. Frequent sex between couples increases the likelihood of happiness, as well as improves intimacy between couples, boosts self-esteem and even improves health by relieving stress, boosting immunity and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease (look it up) – all these things are very helpful when you’re doing your best, in a cluttered world, to give you and your partner the greatest chance at a happy, passionate marriage

There is some tongue-in-cheek involved in this competition, of course, and we want to have as much fun with it as possible, but let’s not forget that what we are promoting here, in the end, are good Husbands, good Dads, great men.

In other news –

• I am going to leave Mondays free for new contestants from this day forward and include other developments and news about the competition in the new
Mentally Sexy Update which will be posted on Tuesdays.

• Every Wednesday, I will include a
Mentally Sexy Tip/Quote Of The Week. Feel free to email Reservoir Dad - reservoirdad@gmail.com - if you have any quotes or tips yourself, or if you’ve come across any that you’ve read in the newspapers, or heard on the radio, or seen on TV.

• I am in the process of designing a website for Reservoir Dad, with the help of
Joe Schatz, co-founder of Dad-Blogs. I hope you like it when you see the end result.

• You’ll notice the change in heading from
Unday – The Search For Australia’s Most Mentally Sexy Dad to Mentally Sexy Monday. I did that because it just makes sense.

Now, to today’s Mentally Sexy entrant –


Garry is the father of Emmett, 3, and Milly, 1, and he offered us this -

"This isn’t the only example of my
Mental Sexiness but I think it’s a good one because it highlights many of my Mentally Sexy skills.

Put simply, I made my son’s birthday cake. And on it’s own that may not seem like much. But there is more than flour and egg in this cake.

Inside this cake there is an
awareness of my wife’s needs – she eats organic and so I had to find only natural ingredients. The icing is natural, the coloring is natural and there is nothing artificial in the sprinkles.

Inside this cake there is my high level of
commitment to my wife and family. I stayed up until midnight making it – there is nothing I won’t do for my son and my family. My wife was also freed of another responsibility, and after preparing for the party, which was on the following day, was able to go to bed early and get some needed rest.

Inside this cake there is
love. Love cracked the eggs and mixed the ingredients. Love fashioned the shark from the slab of cake. Love bent over the shark with a warm knife and applied the icing.

Inside this cake is
pride in myself, in my family. As you can see I was the proudest Dad in the world carrying the cake that I made out to my son’s birthday.

As far as being sexy to my wife, the only thing I could have done to be any sexier was to jump out of
that cake in a g-string."

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Ray said...

Wow. I stepped away for a little bit and return to find all this! Reservoir Dad is a celebrity!

This has to be the best entry so far. I vote for Garry.

Diana said...

I vote for Garry too and I LOVE that shark cake!!