Feb 24, 2010

Most Mentally Sexy Update

The Mentally Sexy Movement is changing the world and all I can say is it's about time because although I have always been a fan of the catch-cry 'A woman can do anything a man can do' I think it's about time the men got their chance to turn it around and say 'A man can do anything a woman can do' and yes, that includes washing, ironing and raising children. I am so heavy with pride that I may need to start doing some pelvic floor exercises.

Some exciting news for The Most Mentally Sexy Competition.

1. I am super excited to welcome Catherine Deveny to Reservoir Dad as the first Most Mentally Sexy Judge! Catherine is a television comedy writer, stand-up comedian, author, social commentator, broadcaster and columnist in The Age newspaper.

Dads, you'll need to make your entries sharp if you're going to impress Catherine. She is a funny, insightful, prolific writer who could tear Reservoir Dad apart with the effortless flick of her wit.

2. Suzanne Robson from
The Leader Newspaper contacted me yesterday. Apparently the first story on The Most Mentally Sexy Competition received such overwhelming positive feedback that they have no choice but to run a follow-up article in a few weeks. I am pleased to say it will include a pictorial spread of some of the Most Mentally Sexy Contestants. The Northern Suburbs of Melbourne are rupturing with Mental Sexiness and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

3. Joe
Schatz, author of 'Daddy, Where's Your Vagina' and founder of Dad-Blogs, has been working tirelessly on the new Reservoir Dad website and its unveiling is imminent. To this old dog of a website, which has served me well for over two years, I'd like to say, 'Move over, you're shit.'

The new website is so good. Last night, while staring at it and listening to
Cherish I lost several hours of sleep, just as I did several times in my early teens staring at a poster-size picture of my first girlfriend, Madonna.

I'd be very grateful if you could help me to thank Joe by purchasing a copy of his great book

4. I have been so busy preparing the articles on the new site, as well as fielding calls and emails, and staring at my computer screen, and maintaining a semi-decent house and child-rearing schedule, that I won't be able to post my usual Friday ramble this week.

In its place I will do one of two things - unveil the new website, or if that's still not quite ready,
repost the first article that spawned the Mentally Sexy Revolution.

5. If you'd like to see the Northern Dads Group Round Table Discussion of the term
Mentally Sexy, go here.

6. Keep an eye on
The Search For America’s Most Mentally Sexy Dad here. They're getting some great entries and they will do their best to take the World Title away from us.

7. There is now a fan page at Facebook titled The Search For Australia's Most Mentally Sexy Dad. Please visit, become a fan and suggest that all your Facebook friends become fans too. Don't miss out on this crazy ride.

This is the way to the new world, Dads. Get on board, or get left behind.

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Clark Kent's Lunchbox said...

That's great news. Very good stuff indeed. It's awesome you are getting big publicity for this.