Jan 12, 2009

Early Role Modelling for the Young male

The following exchanges were relayed to me by Reservoir Mum:

Conversation 1

Archie (Safely fastned in the booster seat): Mum, where are we going?

Reservoir Mum: To Charlie’s house. Remember the little boy who leant you his bike?

Archie: And who else will be there?

Reservoir Mum: Charlie’s Mummy…

Archie: And Charlie’s Daddy.

Reservoir Mum: No, Charlie’s Daddy will be at work.

Archie (following a brief glassy-eyed, blank-faced interlude): Do some Daddy’s work too?

Conversation 2

Archie: Will I grow into a man one day?

Reservoir Mum: Yep, you will. One day.

Archie: Will I be big and strong like Daddy?

Reservoir Mum: Maybe even bigger and stronger than Daddy!

Archie: Yep. I will. And I will do cooking!

Much laughter and merriment ensued.

These two small exchanges have forced me to really consider how I may be shaping young Archie and Lewis. One day, in the not too distant future, I will have to have THE discussion with them. I will sit them down and say,

“Sons, after many years of heavy weight training I want you to go to University. It’s an important step in building a successful and happy life for yourself. You must begin by hanging outside the Medical Student’s facilities. You will find many intelligent women who congregate there. They will be learning things. Impress them with your large muscles and superior strength. Then date one of them. This is the best way to meet a smart young woman who will one day be a rich Doctor.”

In the meantime, I will continue to teach Archie and Lewis how to cook, clean and powerlift. After all, I'm all about shaping well-rounded young men.