Mar 23, 2009

The Official Most Mentally Sexy Rule Page


To find Australia’s Most Mentally Sexy Dad, America’s Most Mentally Sexy Dad and ultimately the World’s Most Mentally Sexy Dad.

How to Enter

If you are an Australian – Send a short paragraph (Mentally Sexy Spiel), to, detailing why you think you are Australia’s Most Mentally Sexy Dad. If selected you will receive a pair of competition grade Reservoir Dad Most Mentally Sexy Clothing to wear in the photo you will submit to go along with your spiel. Remember – those who take the plunge and don the Mentally Sexy Underwear will be looked upon more favourably come judging time.

If you are an American – Submit your entry here at Dad Blogs Mentally Sexy HQ.

Remember, be creative. Photos, videos, and reasons why you are 'Mentally Sexy' are a must to be considered.

If you are from another country and want to play too – Send an email here to Dad Blogs and we can look at getting another section set up from 'International Submissions.'

Where to find the Entries

Each new entry will be displayed at Reservoir Dad every Monday with links back to all other entrants. American entrants can be found at Dad Blogs Mentally Sexy HQ.

National Competitions

The National competitions will be open until October 4th, 2010.

At the end of the competition, female judges from each country will choose their own countries Top Five Mentally Sexy Dads and, from that five, a National winner.

World’s Most Mentally Sexy Dad

After the Australian and American Most Mentally Sexy Dads have been crowned, the top five from each country will be given two weeks to submit a second round entry. These second round entries will be sent to all American and Australian judges.

The judges will give each entry a score from 0 – 10, for a total out of fifty, based on the five following criteria:

Judging Criteria:

Sincerity – Does the entrant seem sincere in his effort to be Mentally Sexy?

Engineered Originality – How original is the entry? How hard did this guy try to be Mentally Sexy?

X Factor – Is there something special about this entry that sets it apart from the crowd? Something extra Mentally Sexy?

SustainabilitY – From the information provided does it seem the entrant will be able to maintain Mental Sexiness long-term? Or is this a flash in the pan attempt at glory?

The entrant with the highest score will be crowned the 2010's World’s Most Mentally Sexy Dad late November.


The top five Australian Mentally Sexy Entrants will receive an official Most Mentally Sexy Finalist 2010 T-shirt, donated by GRASHAN - The Screen Printing Experts. Other prizes to be announced shortly.

The prizes for the World's Most Mentally Sexy Dad are to be decided.

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