Aug 10, 2009

Speaking of Stuffed Here Comes The Count

So now the plan is to stuff Sam the Koala and stick him next to Pharlap at the Melbourne Museum.

You know what I reckon? If you’ve had your house burnt down, your habitat destroyed, your extremities cooked and your death ensured by cyst-inspired urogenital chlamydiosis your pretty well stuffed already.

Speaking of stuffed, Reservoir Mum thought she was just about stuffed last week while hanging out at the pool with Archie and Lewis.

She was sitting on a stool, poolside, next to four Muslim women wearing full body Burkahs. One of the women was dressed entirely in black. Lewis exited the pool, stood in front of the women, poked a toddler finger in their direction, said 'Look Mummy!' and started counting -

‘One, two, three… and a black one!”

Reservoir Mum was horrified but lucky enough to see the collection of balloons close by and said, “Yeah, Lewis. Lots of balloons there aren’t there?”

Lewis nodded and said, ‘Ah-ha,’ which sounded so suspiciously like Allah that Reservoir Mum couldn’t stand the possibility of offending any longer and hightailed it into the pool to dish out some backstroke lessons.

Good thinking Reservoir Mum.

1 comment:

Kylee said...

I told you not to teach your kids to differentiate between colours until they're old enough to handle social faux-pas. It's your own fault.
Anyway, I don't think you need to feel embarrassed by these sort of comments by your kids (says I who doesn't have any, just a dog who steals food from little kids eating on the street).
Once a little girl in Calabria told me I was disgusting and to get away from her just because she had never seen freckles before. Her mum wasn't the least bit embarrassed. Of course, I was mentally scarred for life but kids ARE kids!
Or am I wrong - are we really meant to be embarrassed by our kids honesty?