Feb 19, 2009

The Time Shortage Crisis - Home Dads Request Double-Blind Controlled Trial

As reported extensively in the media, it's been a big week for Home-Dads. There has been a sharp rise in reports of food fights, sleeping issues, toileting mishaps and bad smells.

Increasingly, houses are being overrun by clutter and filth. As Home-Dad Dan(FP) mentioned recently, "You just get one part of the house ship-shape and a pip-sized human pops up like a fricken geyser spraying filth and clutter as far as the eye can see. You know, I reckon these little critters actually shed crumbs."

A sharp rise in children falling to the ground with epileptic-like symptoms has also been reported. Although it has yet to be confirmed with a randomised, double-blind controlled trial, anecdotal information seems to confirm that it occurs more often when the word 'No' is mentioned in a crowded public space.

The continuing 'free-time shortage crisis' is also a major concern. Local government is considering a move to 3A time restrictions for children if they continue to use so much of Home-Dad time. The proposed restrictions will limit children to only 12 hours of Dad time from Monday to Friday, and the standard 24 hours of time every second Saturday and Sunday, depending on post code.

Home-Dads have welcomed the plan. As well as allowing more time for Home Duties it is thought that this will lead to an increase in quality time for parents and a greater opportunity for Dads to bed their wives.

With the approaching footy season, Home-Dad and energy expert Jack has also made the crucial point that this time rationing will lead to more Dads holding cold beers in their hands while sitting in front of their massive Plasmas.

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