Sep 4, 2008

Tops in Pops: The Best Daddy Blog Posts of August

The guest post from NDG regular Jack made it to Daddy Brain's Tops in Pops for August. Good work Jack. Daddy Brain is a great resource for Dads and a blog I check in on regularly. Here's a snippet from "About Daddy Brain" -

This is a blog for what I call “real dads” — the kind that love to play with their kids and don’t mind changing stinky diapers. It’s for the kind of father who’s heart breaks because he’s at work all day instead of being home raising his children. Not every dad is a real dad, and that’s OK. But if you’ve sought out this blog, then you probably are.

While you're there check out Daddy Brain's series of interviews with author Mark Brady.

Mark’s insight on how the brain of a child is physically damaged by emotional abuse, yelling and hitting is amazing. We also discuss parental exhaustion/stress and how to help our kids develop “secure attachment.”

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