Jul 30, 2008

Welcome to Reservoir Dad

Reservoir Mum has always been the career orientated one. She sits at the front whipping the horses and I sit in the cart, smoking a pipe and wondering how she does it. Or maybe I should say that I USED to wonder how she does it. Truth is she loves what she does, she's very good at it and - biggest bonus of all - she gets paid to do it.

I, on the other hand, worked in the same career for 10 years but changed jobs, sites and roles dozens of times because I just wasn't into it and was trying to keep myself from going crazy with the monotony. The sound of that whip cracking...

So it wasn't a very difficult decision to make when we sat down to decide how we'd structure our lives once the second child - Lewis - came along. Reservoir Mum loves to work and makes a lot of money doing it. Reservoir Dad doesn't like work very much at all and makes a lot less money. We assumed the kids would be happier at home with us than at child care.

I remember holding on to six month old Lewis with two-year-old Archie standing beside me, as we waved Reservoir Mum goodbye and I started my first official day as a stay-at-home Dad. We went back inside, the door clicked behind us and we waited for a moment. Nothing happened. Looking back now, I get the feeling that I was standing in a bomb shelter without realising that I was actually holding on to the bomb.

In all my other roles, there was always someone around to show me how to get started, what to do, who to report to if I had questions. But it wasn't long before I realised who my new bosses were. Lewis started crying, Archie started raiding cupboards and I started patting bums, talking in a language that relied more on facial expressions than words and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. Since then (and a lot of ups and downs) the two terrors (the best kids in the world) have been structuring my day for me and I am slowly starting to learn to go with the flow.

This blog will mainly focus on my role as a stay-at-home Dad but I won't limit it to just that. Hello to family and friends, and anyone else who drops by.


Anonymous said...

Nice one Reservoir Dad. You show those kids who's boss. A coupla Chinese burns oughtta keep them in line. :-) Just kidding - much love to my little nephews xx

Dodgy Tippa said...

Onya Reservoir Dad. Guess what? I'm a reservoir dad too, of a 10 year old and 4 year old and I know exactly what you mean about that feeling of being 'left holding the baby'. I became 'stay home Dad' (theres got to be a better term) when the youngest was 5 months and it was definately jumping in at the deep end. Suddenly you're alone with the babbling one, and there's no-one there for back-up. Talk about learning curve! Its all good though, most of the time.
Can't say the housework is too exciting though. Just had my hand down the toilet with a bottle of bleach (should I be wearing gloves??). Sure clears the nostrils.
Shame about your Geelong obsession, couldn't you pick a decent team, like, say, Nottingham Forest??

Reservoir Dad said...

Hey anonymous and dodgy tippa,

Funnily enough, I have been advised to use a Chinese burn before. hehe

Housework is a killer. Unless you've seen it with your own eyes, you will never believe the destruction that a toddler can leave in its wake.

Lynda said...

Hey Resevoir Dad.
love your blog! It's great! I'll pass it on to Fletch and Colin V. I'm keeping a look out for your mum here at work, and making sure she keeps out of mischief. I have to pinch myself (ouch!) you are now a responsible ,loving parent to 2 magnificent boys. I'm a granny would u believe?
Cheers, Lynda/ Elle